About us

The Profesional Body of Naval Architects in Spain  (COIN) is a national professional body with more than 2,300 members, of which a large number of them are working in maritime activities as shipping, shipbuilding and ship equipment, energy and offshore industry, maritime and subsea operations, fishing, aquiculture, consultancy, financing, …..


Our proposal

Developing an EU maritime entrepreneurship ecosystem focusing on the disruptive technologies oriented towards the maritime activities.



Such ecosystem would involve the participation of the most representative European maritime companies of the maritime value chain enhancing the creation of new startups, in partnership with others stakeholders, which can attract new talent and cross-fertilize this talent back into the mothership without having to integrate them in their own structure, all that under an open innovation model.



In addition, the ecosystem would attract capital from non maritime – investors (BAs & VCs) giving the opportunity to diversify their investment activities in maritime startups, capitalizing the sector.


Value proposal and Mission

  • Strengthening the transfer of maritime innovation results to facilitate the emergence of new products, services and processes.
  • Supporting cooperation in the exploitation of new idea and research results and the creation of more knowledge-intensive business.
  • Creating an innovation – friendly business environment to attract new investments and activity in the maritime and marine RDI fields, working in accordance with the Regional Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3).
  • Encouraging more clustering and cooperation mechanisms between maritime sectors and between maritime research sectors and economic actors in a transnational context.
  • Establishing a European community of interest for emerging technologies and accelerated commercialization of maritime innovation.
  • Providing a uniquely integrated service across the innovation chain from identification and enhancement of viable propositions via the development of investor-ready proposals through to the facilitation of successful deals between investors and innovators.


Specific Objectives

  • Creation of a pan‐European Network of investors and business angels.
  • Exploiting consortium contacts to link to Venture Capital funds.
  • Enhancing the generation of startups –based in maritime projects.
  • Supporting the incubation of technology-based companies in the maritime sector.
  • Accelerating market introduction of innovative solutions for maritime activities
  • Fostering the entrepreneurship in universities, technology centers to attract talent, especially in high-tech sectors.
  • Giving the ecosystem visibility as key partner to attract investment from business angels, venture capital and private equity companies to fund maritime startups and indeed lowering the risk of their portfolio through diversification.


Our value proposal

A network of Business Angels -www.redoceanoazul.com- focused on seed and early stage funding.

A network of mentors who have a deep knowledge about business models, technologies and market structures (players, distinguish features, contract models, cost structures, special manufacturing conditions and current market conditions,….) that create value based on many years of presence and success in the global maritime industry.

This knowledge enhances significantly the ability of COIN to assess the business model of the target startups, the market and the risks on the one hand and to drive profitable growth thorough hands-on approach from the very beginning, partnering with talented entrepreneurs to transform their vision into reality on other hand.

Our approach is to set as a partner, committing with our capabilities, facilities and resources into a truly hands-on process, with the purpose of: developing better products, raise the funding and ultimately ensure the customer acquisition needed to succeed in the market growth phase.


What are we looking for?

We intend to support transnational cooperation, including the active exchange of deal flow, to expand and develop an EU maritime network of Business Angels and support the development of early-stage high-growth maritime companies.

We are intensively looking for collaboration with any type of partner, such as SME, big companies, universities and research centers and public authorities, innovation agencies, mentors, business angels associations, venture capital funds, chamber of commerce and clusters.



PDF document here

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